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Pregnant with twins or more?

Prima Baby is planning a feature on Mums-to-be who’re expecting twins, triplets or quads.
Perhaps you are pregnant with twins after IVF and excited to know you’ll have two babies at long last.
Or maybe you already have a child – or two – and were shocked to know you were pregnant with twins!
You might be a twin yourself who is having twins… Or you might be pregnant with triplets or quads…

Feature writer Linsey Wynton (who is pregnant with twins herself) would love to speak to any of you who are interested in being in this feature – it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you’re a single or married Mum or how old you are.
It will just involve a chat on the phone about how you’re feeling, how you found out about your multiple pregnancy and all the preparation you have been doing to get ready for your new additions! We’d also like a photograph of you and your bump.

Please email [email protected] or call or text 07801 523 013 to find out more as soon as you can, but ideally by Monday 7 May. Linsey looks forward to hearing from you!

Thanks Web Ed

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