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opinions please ladies!

ive been thinking about seeting up a shop.. well a shop and a forum and an advise page for mums and dads of twins triplets and more haha, i myself am a mum of boy and girl twins and i had a very hard time at the begining when they were born at 29 weeks old and were very poorly. i had a look online and could never find everything i needed to know in one place, you have advise sites, forum sites and shops but never all in one. there are a couple of shops that sell stuff just for multiples but the only good one is based in the USA and shipping costs are HUGE. so for a while now i have been thinking about setting up an olnine store with customized gift baskets(you choose what goes in it) for things like pregnacey premature babies, boy girl twins girl girl twins and boy boy twins and triplets the same idea. also with lots of advise for - money managing, "me time" work and home life, labour, poorly babies, support for parents with poorly babies, dealing with one being home without the other ect... also a forum for your own stories about your babies the ups and the downs and a chat page so we can all help eachother though a hard time.

im in very early stages of this idea, i know exactlly what i want to do but havent stared yet because i would like the opinions from you lovely ladies, since this is something that is close to my heart and i have been thorugh hell and back for my babies i know some of you have had the same hard time i have, we are supermums. 


my question is

is this a good idea, how many of you would like this and shop their ect, do you know of anything like this?

all comments very welcome, and i will take your advise in competly, i wont go ahead if you ladies think its not a good idea, as i said its very early on and i dont even have a name yet haha

any comments are much aphreshated, please forgive the bad spelling haha

Kayla xx



  • any feed back would be awsome xx


  • I'd be very interested....I'm 10/11 wks pg with twins and can hardly find any information I want and the sites I do find which are generally OK are all American.  I'd love to be able to chat to other twin parents in the UK



  • yes i had the same problem, the books you get from your midwife in the uk only have 2 pages on twin pregancey and then one on premature babbies witch is quite common in multipul birth. thank you so much for the feed back image good luck with your little ones!! xx

  • Has anything come from this idea, I'm 34+4weeks pregnant with triplets aswell as having an 8 month old son and still don't have a travel system/buggy as i cannot find anything that i like, The only ones i do like are from the USA and are nearly £100 for shipping costs, Problem being is if i were to take all 5children out at the same time i would end up having to either have someone with me so i could take my double buggy aswell as triple (Once bought) or will need to leave 2-3 of the children with someone, because i cannot find a single buggy that will fit the triplets, my 8month old son and my 2 year old daughter in.....They don't make this easy for people who have multiple kids.....

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