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34+4 with idea's needed

Looking for name idea's, I have a daughter Savanna 29/1/11 and a son Kenzi 27/4/12 and i'm currently 34+4weeks pregnant with triplets, a private scan showed i'm having 2 little boys and a little girl, wanting names that are slightly unusual, Husband has said choice is all down to me and he'll be happy with whatever i choose aslong as he gets to choose middle names (Same with both children so far) but this time round it seems soo hard all the names i liked when i was pregnant with both Savanna and Kenzi i don't like anymore, but want something that just clicks and feels right.....Please help people, Only a few weeks to go before D-Day....


  • Wow triplets to name (and I thought it hard coming up with 1 name).

    Boys names:

    Jett, Jayden, Rip, Riff, Quintain, Xavier

    Girls names:

    Elektra, Sapphira, Aquamarine, Amberle, Shylo

    Unisex names:

    Eden, River, Finn, Taylor, Willow

  • Oh WOW i love Elektra....thats a pretty one, and love Xavier(Its like the only name i've liked thoughout all 3 pregnancies) Thanks xx

  • Hiya!!! My boys names were : Oliver, Harvey, Xavier, Oscar and Jem! We're calling our little girl Amelie our other option was Ava!!!! image
  • Oh Isaac is gorgeous too... I'm so lucky I'm having a girl, I only had two to chose from lol
  • Thanks for ideas Sid89 x

  • If I'm pregnant If itz a girl Ima name her harmony, or Jakyla if itz a boy either Dillan or something else
  • Wow three babies how did that happen??
  • Boys.....jayden and kayden

    Girl...... Cayleigh (cay lee)

    I love unusual names makes them feel extra special, make something up! Can't go wrong


    My twin girls are Tah'jenay and Tah'jenique 

    Good luck hon 

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