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pregnant with twins and bleeding

Hello ladies 


I'm 13 + 2 with twins and since week 11 I've had 4 painless bleeds. I've been scanned each time after and they've been fine.I'm having another scan tomorrow as the 4th was this morning and hopefully will have the same outcome as all the other times.

it's just really frustrating me now,why is this happening? Has anyone else experienced this?  


  • Hi

    I started to have small bleeds from 6 weeks. Was worried i was losing baby like you would be thinking you was but all was ok and i now have a beautiful 6 week old daughter image

    Through out my pregnancy it would be more like a few spots of blood and i was forever getting the anti d jab with my blood group being negative!

    Midwife said as long as theres no pain, no clots and not loads of blood and still feeling baby move all is ok image its just one of them things that happens in some pregnancies. Also my doctor told me his wife bled heavy through out her two pregnancies and both babies were born healthy.

    If your really worried speak to your midwife x
  • I bled up till 10 weeks with my 2nd, she's 5 months old on Monday. They never found a cause x

  • Thanks ladies.I'm seeing a specialist tomorrow so hopefully he'll shed some light at least I'm know informed  now that you can bleed throughout your pregnancy and still have a beautiful healthy baby (babies) at the end.

  • Good luck hun x
  • I had a fresh bleed at 7wks and that's when I found out I was having twins and I had another fresh bleed at 13wks and also passed a clot, bleeding when pregnant with twins is common a think 

  • Yes with twin pregnancy is common. I bleed heavy at 6, weeks all was fine.. Mine are now 4 months xx
  • It is scary I've had 3 big major painful hemorrhagings I actually thought I bleed both babies out but with each scan they were fine. Dr said there were blood clots between babies and I needed to rest. I usually bled this way when walking to much or getting too emotional.

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