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hiya I had this scan at 5 week 4 days does it look like twins to anyone ?? Xx


  • I think at 5 weeks it'd be very hard to see anything clearly unless you were trained. Usually for even early scans they say 6+ weeks. What did the sonographer say? 

  • you should have asked the sonographer. I'm sure she would have been able to tell you.

  • With ultrasound taken at 5 weeks, we can confirm whether you are having one baby or more, but only the sonographer can say it. 

  • TWINS ARE AMAZING. Such a beautiful gift

  • imageThis is the same with me. I went for my scan yesterday and I'm 7w4d. I was so comfused because she said there's only one baby. I could have sworn I seen two a few minutes before hand but I took her word, until I got home and noticed this scan pictures. Obvious Baby is in the left. Does anyone think where I've circled on the right is a baby? 

  • Well was it twins :)

  • Does anyone else here thinkimage i could be having twins??

  • Tashalea I would say so as there’s 2sacs

  • Looking at the picture, it is not clear. That two children or one child.
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