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I recently found out that i was expecting identical twins n i can not tell you the emotions i experienced.

I managed to overcome the hardest part of coming to terms with the news and now am so excited as it turns out they are going to be boys couldnt have asked for anything better and would love to chat to other mums of twins as its nice to share experiences with people who face similar hurdels.

Look forward to speaking to you all image



  • Hi Gina,

    I have recently had my twin ( non- identical) boys in Jan 2012. when are you due?

    My two are a handful but i am loving my new role as full time mom image

    Look forward to speaking to you.


  • Hi ladies, having twins is great, but very hard work, i have a girl and a boy and they are now two years old. If you can try and join a local twin mother and baby group as there will be days when only speaking to a twin mum will help. l tried to find a local club near me but in central scotland they are all spread out and not easy to get to if you dont have a car, since being made redundant i've now turned to joining online forums like madeformums

    I look forward to speaking to you both soonimage


  • Hi ladies I'm a mother of 3month twin boy and girl. I also have a 3yo. It has been hard work but they are amazing. My 3yo loves to help and is so good with them. I am thinking of joining a twin group next week as I think it will give me some emotional support. Not many people truly understand what its like. I'm even tired of saying I'm tired lol. I only have to see them smile when I'm having a mad day and it makes it all worth it. Good luck with your babies.xxxx
  • Currently 6 weeks 1 day pregnant found out yesterday I am pregnant with fraternal twins anyone else out there really pregnant with twins? I also have A 3 year old   

  • Hello my twin girls are 11 weeks old. My partner works full time and I'm at home with them all day. I was so emotional at first, but ive got them into a routine and it does help.

    It's hard work, but I love it. They arrived 6 weeks early and only recently started to see. It's great they smile all the time. 

    Kirsty ximage

  • imageHello everyone I'm a new twin mom. My girls were born early at 33w4d on dec 6 2016. I also have a 3.5 year old son. It has been a huge change and I'm starting to adjust but hubby is having a real hard time. He is not good with sleep deprivation and with our son I did not ask for help at night but with two I usually wake him on nights he doesn't have to work. When did your twins start sleeping more then 2-3 hour stretches at night? 

  • Hi highhopes2, my twins are just under a month older than yours born 08 / 11 / 16 at 35wks gestation. 

    Matthew & Amelia have been sleeping through from 8 : 30pm - 6am waking up between 1-2am for the one night feed since 11wks old. I have been exclusively formula feeding since my breast milk dried up at 8wks & this has helped as I have got them into a pattern of 6oz every 4hrs during the day. They have their final feed at 8pm, get topped up between 1-2 & breakfast is 6:30am (once milk has cooled & both have been changed ).

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