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Having twins definitely isn't the same as having two children of different ages, I've found! Would love to see if other multiple mums are on the site, and what questions you have image


  • Hi LozzaJ, I am a twin mummy, I have two boys - Dexter and Stanley who turned 6 months this week. These singleton mums and mums of two different age children (who tell you it is the same - GRRRR) just don't have ANY idea do they?? What do you have and how old are they? 

  • Hi both I have non id boys Harlan and Baxter who are 8 months and Ronnie who's 4, lifes hectic but mostly fun, definitely more good than bad days now, I agree with you both on the it'll be just like twins having 2 close together! But also how many times a wk do people say oh you've got your hands full!! Yes thank you I'm well aware and don't need a complete stranger to stop me in the street to tell me, I just reply with yes I know but actually I enjoy it, look forward to chatting with you both and sharing ups and downs x x

  • I have non-id boys who are nearly 5 - started school this year. Yes, it is possible to survive that long! Great to hear from you both. My pet peeve is people saying 'ooh double trouble'!!

  • But double the fun I always respond! It gets me when people so 'two for the price of one!' - NO IT IS TWO FOR THE PRICE OF TWO!!!! Or 'are they identical?' - DO YOU NEED GLASSES?? They are SOOO different, one bald and one with TONS of hair, I had them weighed today and one is on the 9th centile and the other on 98th, you wouldn't even guess that they are brothers, never mind twins - GRRR people!

  • Oh if you can, please have a look at the question I posted about routines and sleep with twins, I would really appreciate your advice if you have any x

  • I know what you nean with are they identical! Mine couldn't be more different either, as the saying goes there's nowt as queer as folk ha-ha, we're suffering at the moment as 1 coughs till he's sick and the others wheezing like he's been on the cigars all day, touch wood they've both gone 2 bed ok but we'll see what the night brings hopefully not a rush job tonthe docs in the morning as my 4yr olds being a snowman in the Christmas show and he'll be gutted if I miss it, hope everyone else is doin ok x x

  • Hi! I will look out for your question - is it in another forum thread? Will have alook.

  • It is in let talk baby's I think...x

  • I had a look and posted some thoughts, best of luck image

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