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Names for our quadruplets


I can't believe it but we're getting quadruplets (only girls). I really like old names. It would be great when you send me some combinations.

Thank you :)


  • Wow, that's incredible! congratulations! Mind if i ask but were your babies naturally conceived or IVF? 

    Old names, so how about Edie, Sadie, Violet, Iris, Annie, Nancy, Clara, Effie, Olivia, Evelyn, Eleanor, Maude, Georgina.... Hope that helps and let me know if you like any of them x

  • Audrey, Agatha, Angela, Andrea, Barbara, Bonnie, Belinda, Bernice, Claudia, Clarissa, Cassandra, Celia, Cornelia, Deborah, Denise, Darcy, Daisy, Delia, Delilah, Donna, Edith, Enyd, Enya, Eleanor, Fern, Fiona, Florence, Frances, Francesca, Georgia, Gina, Gaynor, Gloria, Gail, Harriet, Heather, Henrieta, Ivy, Iris, Josephine, Jennifer, Karen, Kelsey, Kerry, Kelly, Molly, Millicent, Meredith, Myrtle, Minerva, Natalie, Natasha, Penelope, Patricia, Paula, Rebecca, Rachel, Ruth, Samantha, Sandra, Sylvia, Teresa, Tabatha, Tamara, Victoria, Valerie, Vanessa....

  • Alice, Maisie, Annabelle Isabella

    Lillie, Olivia, Sophia, Matilda 

    Millie, Emily, Grace, Bella

    Esther-May, Isla, Daisy, Florence 

    Poppy, Harper, Mila, Miley, Maddison (Maddie), Willow, Annie, Betsy, Brooke, Paige, Penelope, Thea, Georgia, Summer, Harriette, Violette, Robyn, Hallie, Beau, Victoria, Belle, Hope.

    I love Mila-Beau, Lillie-Elizabeth, Miley-Rose, Essie-Grace. 

    Congratulations, how exciting xx 

  • I love Lily, Rose, Violet and Daisy

    I particularly like Briar-Rose as it's the name the fairies gave Sleeping Beauty when she was hiding in the cottage in the woods. 

    Other older style names that are cute, Florence, Elizabeth, Enid, Charlotte, Jane, Isabelle, there's loads really.

  • Adeline, Adelaide, Rose, Margret, Mary... those are just some!

  • Congratulations! I am currently 25 weeks with quads too, g/g/g/b. 

    Something old: Genevieve, Sylvie, Josephine, Charlotte, Rosie, Isabell, Florence, Maude and Adeline.  

    If you are unable to find older styled names that work well as a sibset you could always have two girls with modern/olden and two girls with olden/modern, e.g. Genevieve Eleonora, Sylvie Claire, Rhylee (Riley) Paige and Camryn Elizabeth. 

  • Wow congratulations! How beautiful!! What about Rosie may, everlyn sky, mary jo, daysie florance 

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