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Going abroad with twins

hi, I have a boy and a girl twins. They are 5 monh old now. I am planning to go abroad in August. I will have a friend flying with me. I was wondering if anyone could help me as I don't know to take 2 single pushchairs or a double one. And also how would I manage all those luggages and the pushchair. And also on the plane, do I need to buy 3 tickets 


  • Hi erenmelisa,

    you can buy reasonably priced double strollers BUT do remember that any pushchairs you take will go into the plane hold. You may be able to take the pushchair to the gate but the crew will then take it for stowage. 

    Luggage can be weight restricted so check cases aren't over full. You can arrange assistance to help with baggage handling & getting through check in if needed. If you are taking any food or milk onto the plane be prepared to taste it.

    Each twin will need their own passport & ticket although you may be able to arrange for them to travel on your lap with a lap belt rather than pay for a seat. Speak to the airline & the airport to see what assistance they can offer you to make your journey easier.

  • Hi we are embarking on holiday in July with ours both will be sitting on laps as they don't need a seat until 2 years old there is a charge and they don't get a meal either.  We are taking our double pushchair with its special travel bag to minimise damage in hold I'm checking ours in as my twins are 17 months now and walking they have trunkis for the airport.  i have no other advice really as we haven't done it yet we are also taking our other 4 kids crazy family we are we have premium class booked everything I can to make life easier but I know it's not going to be a walk in the park but hey we are off to the happiest place in the world good old walt Disney world so it's all worth but we have car seats booked to hire with the car to save taking them with us.  Luggage is hopefully going to be ok for us we have lots of helpers.  I'm sure you will be fine but I know what your thinking planes two babies nightmare I'm just gonna wing it and it will all be ok once we are there the other passengers might hate us but I don't care I have also booked the front two rows of seats and plan to take a blanket for the twins to play on hahaha like they aren't going to do a runner down the aisles keep your sense of humour a few new toys as they are far better than ones they know well at least for 10 minutes and enjoy.  Good luck look forward to hearing your story good or bad the journey of life with twins is amazing and this is just another adventure go mama you can do this 

  • Oh yeah 71/2 weeks and counting image And this is the state of the playroom toys aren't meant for those boxes clearly it's going to be fun 

  • I went away with my just 1 year old twins we took single pushchairs with attachments so that you can make them into double you have to have under twos on your lap unless you purchace an adult price seat and take car seats. Which can then get hard work if there are only two adults. But you are only allowed to have one infant per adult.   Link is to the attachments

  • Thank you for your time. 

  • Thank you and hope it works out for you. 

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