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Twins sleeping together after birth.

Hello, so I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant with twins. At first I was going to get two separate bassinets and cribs. But I was reading online twins should sleep together. I've seen alot of mixed reviews. I'm curious as to what other moms suggest and what others have done. Any help would be appreciated thank you.


  • Hi Casey000, congratulations on your twin pregnancy - how wonderful! We just wanted to let you know you might want to check out this thread  and also ask your question over there - we're sure the twin mummies will be helpful. 

  • Hi Casey000, there is no right nor wrong. 

    My boy/girl twins were together in the same cot bed for their 1st year before moving into separate beds. Other twins we know had separate cots in the same room. They do actually make twin cots & bunk cots if you wanted to invest that bit more.

    The choice is entirely yours & what works for you may not work for another twin family. Good luck. X

  • You may put your twins to sleep in a single cot while they're small enough, either because they slept together in hospital or because space is limited. This is called co-bedding and is perfectly safe. ... If you put your twins in the same cot, follow the same safe sleeping advice as for a single baby.

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  • I put my twins together in the same cot until they started to get mobile then separated them and put them in there own cots, there’s no right or wrong go with what is best for you 😊
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