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Think I may be having twins?! Twin signs?! HELP

Hi there, 
So this :)  is my second pregnancy my boy was born is January 2018. So hes 21 months old. So with this pregnancy i would say I'm about 4 weeks pregnant but looks like I'm about 12 to 15 weeks pregnant. First I thought it was bloating but its constant and doesnt go away. But my belly looks huge I cant wear anything fitted as it would give it away. I also dont known if its because I'm not the smallest but not the biggest either I'm normally a size 10 to 12 sometimes 14 depends. But I just look massive. I'm a twin myself i have a twin broher and theres a couple of other twins on my family. What do people think?.... 


  • How dark was your pregnancy test? I could be wrong but usually a multiple pregnancy can show up as a really dark line on a test. Obviously twins are Defo in your family! Haha!! Twins would be lovely. Hard work but fab!xx
  • It's not super dark I would say just normal. I did my tests when I was 3 weeks I mean you can definitely see theres a 2 lines 
  • 3 weeks is early to get a good, clear line! Maybe it is twins!!!!xxx
  • This was taken 3 days ago 
  • I would say it's dark for 3 weeks on those tests hun. 
    You have less than 3 years between pregnancies and you can start showing a lot earlier and look bigger. Tbh there is no way to find is it twin pregnancy or not except for scan. 
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