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Pushchair from birth?


has anyone used a pushchair (which is suitable from birth) from actual birth?

i have found out I’m having twins and am a little reluctant to spend on a big bulky double pram, which I know will annoy me after a few months and probably wouldn’t even fit in my car! 

Just wondering if anyone else has done it and what they thought? 


  • Firstly - Congratulations! I bet that scan was a bit of a shock!  :D

    There are quite a few options in the double buggy market, not just the typical wide double buggy. On some models, the seats are one in front of the other and with some models, the seats are kind of stacked on top of each other. There should be something suitable for your situation.

    To answer your actual question, I had a c-section so I didn't do very much for the first couple of months so I used my buggy only a handful of times. I did, however, use it to take my baby to his immunisations, community midwife appointments, 6-8 weeks checkup, and also to register his birth. We had a travel system and I found it so helpful to be able to load him into the car in his car seat and then put the pram chassis up at the other end and just click him onto it. Alternatively, if we were likely to be out for a while I'd take the bassinet attachment and pop him in there. I suppose you could carry the twins from the car in their car seats, but I'm presuming you'll be flying solo because your partner will be back at work? So I'd recommend you'll want some easy way to move the twins around even if you don't need it regularly. Also if you find you have fussy babies then a double pram could be a godsend.

    A lot of my friends who had babies went out for regular (almost daily) walks once they were up and about. This probably varies from person to person though depending on what time of year you give birth, how you feel, whether you get stir crazy when you're stuck at home, etc

    That doesn't mean you have to buy one, but I'd 100% recommend it. However, it doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't need to be brand new. We bought our pram second hand cause I wasn't sure whether I'd use it or what I really wanted in a pram. I've turned out loving it though so we got lucky :D It was also around 1/3 of the price I would have paid brand new.

  • I was thinking more so if the hassle of a big double pram. I think a double pushchair will be more convenient and light weight for me.

    i had an egg pram on my first, which I loved, but by 7 months I wanted something a bit lighter, so bought a pushchair. 
  • Ah I see! That makes sense! :D

    Perhaps find some models you like and see if you can find reviews on Amazon/shopping sites? There's a section with reviews on here as well that might give you some food for thought whilst you're waiting for replies?
  • That’s a great idea. Thanks. 
  • i just got the bugaboo donkey and while it is a big double its sooooo nice and easy to push around so i recommend this one for ease and comfort of pushing and manoeuvring around shops etc. :) i am 27 + 3 with my mcda boys x
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