new to this need advice!!!!

Hi everyone, just looking a bit of help, I up until today got not even a faint line on a OPK but today at about 3pm I got what I thought was a dark line but decided to test again this evening and its now got a lot fainter! Would your surge only last a few hours and if so should we still BD tonight or is it too late now! This may seem stupid but Im clueless here image 


  • You should always test 1st thing in the morning for the most accurate result as it gets diouted through the day.... Hence your evening line being fainter... in any case it woukd be worth a shot. Remember for next time round that soerm can live for anything up to 5-7 days so if you know roughly when you should ovulate, have a few tries in tye days running up to that as well rather than waiting for your exact day if ovulation.

    good luck!

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