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Odd one - sweet potato allergy/intolernace??

So LO has had a bad cold for a while and every now adn then his nose gets soo congested he just can't breath properly and won't sleep and struggles to eat etc. been drs and hospital and they just gave nasal drops. Anyway, we thought he was on the mend when we had another bad night last night.

I don't know why it occured to me - but I thought about LOs tea. He had sweet potato and parsnip. The first time he had one of these bad episodes he had had sweet potato - he ended up in hospital. And to be honest - he had been OK during the day. Now I am not sure if I can account for every episode I suppose I hadn't been looking at it very closley - but has anyone had any experience of this? I didn't really think of cold symptoms being linked to allergies until I googled it!

Could it be anotehr food he has eaten - how long would a food take to react? He has only had apple, carrot, parsnips (these were introduced after he became ill though), pear and broccoli (also introduced after).



  • Allergies are an instant immune response as the body instantly recognises the substance via antibodies and reacts to it n the usual allergy ways, ie rash, temperature that sorta thing.

    An intolerance is a stomach/gut issue where the proteins in the substance gets into the bloodstream during digestion due to a leaky gut, this tends to manifest as bad stomach, diarrhoea and the like, this obviously takes a bit longer as it's digestion linked.

    I think all you can do is document what and when he eats then any symptoms he has and go to your gp for intolerance testing
  • Definitely keep a food diary and avoid sweet potato or any other foods you think could have caused it. Both my LO's suffer from various allergies/ intolerances, usually they suffer from rashes around the mouth or bowel problems...but the other day my little one became very snotty and blocked up and developed hives all over her body! she had an allergic reaction to something she ate. she still has the symptoms and was perscribed antihistamine to help, but I don't know what it could have been I am actually trying to get to the bottom of it at the moment! If you are really concerned go to your GP. I have been told to go back if her symptoms persist.

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