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Please help, can someone give me some advise on yoghurts for babies. Ive heard so many people say some fromage frais yoghurts  are not great for babies and some that have said give them.... any brands / supermarket makes would be greatly appreciated.

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  • hi elizabeth i'm zoe mummy to charlie who is 2.5 years i gave charlie fromage frais from about 5.5-6months he was weaned slightly earlier than the recommended 6 months as he was a hungry baby and we felt he was ready earlier but anyways we gave him petit filous he didnt have one everyday probably every few days as a pudding after his lunch or dinner, we gave him them because all the mummies i know have used them so we tried them and charlie loved them. at the end of the day its up to you hunny which ones you try and also weather your little one likes the ones you buy or not, so really just a case of trial and error.

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  • i tried both type but my son like the yoghurts. i dun think they will do any harm to the kids. maybe u can check on the sugars level on supermarket brand b4 u buy??
  • We used Muller Little Stars and Petit Filous for our babies.We used the Little Stars at first,from4 months and around 6 months the Petit Filous.My kids prefer the fromage frais puddings to yogurts
  • Ava had her 7 month check up today and we got talking about yogurts and she said any full fat ones are good and don't have to be kids ones. We gave Mia Little Star yogurts and fromage frais. They don't junk in them but we now get big tubs of full fat On-ken yogurt. They do mango and papaya, strawberry, raspberry, all sorts of flavours that the whole family like. I think the more flavours you try them with the less fussy they are as eaters but I'd buy a few different brands and flavours maybe and see what your baby prefers. Look out for use by dates too. I bought tons for Mia once thinking it'd be a nice treat and they only had a short shelf life. Doh. Oh, and as a special treat when you're baby is big enough, the little pots of chocolate custard. Awesome!!! But get one for yourself too, they're really tasty.

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