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Help please - weaning a dairy free baby

Hi all, we've just started weaning and am on fruit and veg purees once a day at the moment. I want to start introducing breakfast but my baby is milk protein intolerant and all the porridges i've looked at so far are made with skimmed milk powder. image

Can anyone recommend a dairy free brand, or suggest good meals for a breakfast? He can't have weetabix yet as he's not quite 6 months. I've found one Hipp cereal that he can have, but it's only 1 flavour so don't want him to have that every day. At the moment it's looking like baby rice and fruit puree for brekkie!




  • You could possibly try rusks. Don't believe they have any dairy in them & you can use them from 4+mths. Can be mixed with whatever milk brand you're using or purees or yoghurts & can also be used as finger foods (help teething).

    Another you can try is Ready Brek made with boiled water rather than milk.
  • Hi it's me again, cannot believe this is the same as my little boy!  I give him HIPP Organic Apple and Cranberry Breakfasts in little jars, he adores those!  I struggled to get anything without milk in, and cannot get them at all shops, I order my shopping online at ASDA as I will be back to work in a few weeks so it's handy, but I still have to go to my local small Sainsburys, as they are the only place that I can find that sells these jars!! xx

  • Hi alfiesmummy, just seen your response in my other thread about lumpy foods too! Ryan now has weetabix with oat milk for brekkie, or the Hipp cereal i found. It is hard having to check all the foods for milk products, but we're getting there. Just wish i could give him fromage frais as i love them! I spoke to the health visitor about the lump situation, and she said just gradually increase the texture of his food, rather than just giving him lumps straight away, which seems to be working better.

    Is your boy completely dairy free too then?


  • Yes but unlike you my health visitor is a nightmare, and extremely unhelpful, so we haven't had any advice on it, I have just read what other people do on the Internet.  My husband was allergic to milk as a baby too, although he did grow out of it as he got older, he was on goat's milk or something when younger.  When I rang the health visitor about it, she acted like I was lying or just ringing up to be a nuisance - great huh!?!  They said we cannot believe this is happening, what we want you to do is bring him in, and WE will make him have milk and see what happens - if there is a major reaction, at least there will be a Dr next door -----!!!!!!!!!!  To that I just was speechless, and so I haven't been in - and she hasn't been on the phone since, even though she said she was going to come and see us anyway before I returned to work (in 3 weeks!) and she said she would be in touch as she hadn't seen us since his 7 month jabs, he is 10 months now, and she never bothered, so I gave up with them.  At least I have family and friends support about things, being a first time Mummy is very daunting, and all they did at the clinic was make me more anxious!


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