Just wondering how long it took for your babies to get used to lumpy foods?

Ryan is on 3 meals a day, he loves his purees, and weetabix, and he has finger foods such as toast, rice cakes, rusks etc, but I've tried to give him more lumpy foods the other day, and he just gagged then refused to eat it. I don't know whether to give it a week or so then try again, or to just keep trying?

Any ideas?



  • Hi hun, my little one is 10 months old, and is exactly the same when it comes to lumpy foods.  My Mother-In-Law just said to keep trying every now and again, he will accept them when he is ready, they get used to certain textures and so no need to worry, as long as he is happy enough and eating and drinking plenty of the other stuff, then he will be super! Hope this helps x image

  • My little one (8 months) has days that he won't eat lumps and wants to have it mashed up, not sure if this is due to teething.

    I just take each meal as it comes and will leave the food slightly lumpy (use a fork) and try feed it. If it’s not going down well with him (gagging or won't take another spoon), I will mash it further for him and he will usually eat it!

    Good luck

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