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My boy is nearly 8 months old and is on 3 solid meals a day then has a bottle before his bedtime but I'm worried this is not enough can someone help me should he still be having more than 1 bottle of formula a day???


  • Hi sorry to not be more help but I can't really remember what my son had at that age... My daughter is 6 months and has 3 small jars and 2 7oz bottles. I'm sure your son is getting enough to eat so he's not hungry, but I think they are meant to have more milk for the nutrients. Hopefully someone else will reply with more info soon! X
  • Is he having cereal for breakfast? E.g porridge made with milk, then I think you should be ok, I used to make up my wee boys porridge with his morning bottle and gave him the rest to drink, sometimes he would have a bedtime bottle but not always, youghurt always a good source of calcium too, my midwifes said this was fine, as long as he is happy and healthy then theres nothing to worry about x
  • He has either porridge or weetabix for breakfast made with cows milk my hv said he should be having that now in his food.. He is a very happy boy gaining weight as he should just everyone else I speak to say there lil ones still have a bottle and breakfast but my boy must be ok cos he sleeps 12 hours at night image) thanks for the replies..
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