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How much ?

I start my lg on solids at 23 weeks sea 25 weeks now and I've had to reduce her food as by tea time she seas screaming in pain since reducing her food she's been fine she has breakfast (porridge) and dinner (icecube of mash or veg ) is it too early to introduce tea ? And when will I know to up her portion size x


  • Hi Layla,

    Weaning is a fun but tricky process as every child will take to it differently.  What you need to remember is that every bottle of milk or breastfeed will also count as a meal/snack so if you are introducing an extra portion of solids you may need to remove a bottle/breastfeed to compensate.

    Baby may experience discomfort through constipation/diaorrhea at the introduction of solids as their little bodies will need to get used to digesting the different texture feed.  It is also common for baby to retch & gag on the food as they learn to chew & swallow so try not to panic & jump in too quick (though it can be hard).

    Best wishes

  • What foods are you giving her so far? Is there anything in particular that she seems more distressed after eating? It's quite common for LOs to get constipated when they're starting solids. Does she drink enough? If my DS is bunged up I give him a tablespoon of orange juice diluted in water and that helps move things out.

  • I kind of keeping my baby on more breastmilk. solids and the rest is more as an experiment. I plan to keep more on breast milk till 1 year old.

  • Hi! It may take your LO a little while to get used to solids and wind and constipation can be part and parcel of the process! try giving her something that will ease the symptoms (infacol, fennel tea, etc) or foods that will be easier for her to cope with.Omit any foods that seem to make her upset until she is in a more established weaning routine and then reintroduce them. Wait a couple more weeks to introduce a third meal and do it gradually. If you want you can find some good weaning meal guides online from well known babyfood brands that give you a rough idea of when to introduce each meal and how much to give. image

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