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Getting a clue on solids

I’m kind of stressed out with starting solids. I just need to know I’m doing fine. My Lo is 6 months and I started with banana. Which was your first solid to introduce?


  • We started a week ago and so far my little one has had carrot, sweet potato, normal potato, apple, parsnip and banana. I'm going to stick with fruit and veg for the first month then start to introduce fish and bready bits (although he did try a finger if toast the other day but it bunged him up). Dim sure you're doing great. I went fri my local library and borrowed some weaning books to help me as it is a bit if a minefield. X

  • Sorry bout spelling - stupid autocorrect changed some of my words ha ha

  • What books did you get? I feel like I need some pointers as there are so many out there and I don't feel I can trust my instincts with this. Milk was so much easier!

  • Ha ha I know what you mean. There's 2 I really liked which I borrowed then bought, weaning and first foods by Nicola graimes and annabel karmels new complete baby and toddler meal planner.  The anna one us excellent as it also gives you a week by week plan to follow building up from one meal to 3 and how to fit it in with milk feeds - it even tells you what food to give if you wanted to follow it to the letter. X

  • Just seen your other threads, I'm not doing blw but starting with purées so not sure the books will help as I'm not sure how different blw is to traditional weaning. X

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