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Starting solids?

I’m kind of stressed out with starting solids. I just need to know I’m doing fine. My Lo is 6 months and I started with banana. 


  • Snap! My DD is six months too and I'm doing BLW but am worried that she's not eating enough. Are you BLW or purees? 

  • I'm trying to do more BLW cause I just love to see my DD trying to feed herself and trying different textures and tastes. It's working till now but I didn't try a lot of solids: banana, avocado, cereal.. 

  • Hi, banana is a great food to start with especially if you are doing blw as its soft and easy to hold/play with, so a treat for the touch and taste senses for baby. I have heard however that banana can cause constipation, so ensure you are giving a bit of water to soften the stools, and keep an eye on babies motions. Constipation a side I think banana is definitely a good food to start with. Katiesmummy, your little one is still getting all the nutrients she needs from the breast/bottle, so enjoy giving her new foods to explore and taste so that when she eventually stops breast/bottle feeding you can give her a wide selection of healthy, nourishing foods that she has already been exposed too. Try giving her some puree for breakfast but blw for lunch and dinner, I think doing a mix of blw and puree based weaning ensures you explore tastes and texture but have a bit more control over vitamin, calorie and total intake. 

    Amanda, sounds to me like you are doing fine, so enjoy the process of introducing your little one to the big wide world of food. 

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