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Teething and solids

My 9mo is really off his food at the moment. He's got a tooth coming and I'm sure that's why but my sister says her two kids always ate more when they were teething because chewing helped their gums?? Does it sound like he might be teething, and what can I do to get him to eat again? Stressed :/


  • Hi Twinkletoes, it could be a number of things.

    When children are teething their saliva becomes more acidic which can cause some tummy upsets/sore bottoms which can in turn put some children off eating as much.

     Another possibility is LOs age, at 9mths they start developing their 'taste' & will start deciding what they enjoy eating & what they don't like eating.

    Another possibility is that LO is generally under the weather which can see them off food & drink & wanting to sleep/cuddle more.

    The only advice I can offer is to keep food available for LO & if your concerns continue then consult your HV/GP.

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