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Dropping milk feeds

LO is eight months old and on three meals a day, but is still having four bottles a day (first thing, mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime). I'm finding that he's not so interested in his tea at the moment. Does this mean it's time to drop a feed? If so, which one should I drop first, and do I need to give him a snack instead? Thank you image


  • I would try to drop the afternoon feed and give him a snack and some water instead. My LO has just turned 8 months and i found the same thing happening if he had too much milk in the afternoon. He sometimes still has milk but i find he eats his tea better if he has just had a snack, usually some fruit or   toast


  • If he is not interested in tea, it means that he is getting full on his mid aftenoon milk feed. Drop this feed and try give a snack. If you find that he is not lasting until tea time without his afternoon milk, bring his tea forward a little bit and then after a few days he would have used to not having the milk and then take his tea time back to the usual time. Babies get used to routine and it takes time for them to adjust to something new image

    Good luck.

  • I was told by the HV that my 8 month old has too much milk in her diet and to drop this and replace with yogurt/cheese etc. First thing in the morning I give her milk, but again the HV advised me to give her breakfast (I tried but she is not interested! and wants milk). So at the moment she is down to 3 milk feeds, morning, afternoon and bedtime. She seems to be ok with it. Up until now I always thought that milk is the main source of food for them until 1 year. But obviously I was told I'm not feeding her enough solids image.

    Good Luck.

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