What to do with a baby who doesn't like water

Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some tips on getting a baby to drink water from a cup. We've tried several different types, letting LO play with them, different times of day, but no interest at all. I'm a bit worried about fluid intake but don't really want to be giving juice. Any bright ideas for me?


  • Do you know my little man won't drinjoust water, I purée strawberries and mix that with water, h drinks that fine, he also drinks the pouches, the plum or Ella's kitchen ones Just squirt some in a bottle an add water. I tried Oscar with the tommi tippe but it just comes out too fast for him so I'm going to leave it for a couple of weeks, he's only 6 months. That probably didn't help! 

  • Sometimes it is just the taste of the water that puts them off (it puts me & DH off sometimes too) so simple things such as trying a water filter, buying a brand of mineral water or some flavoured spring water (such as volvic) could be the answer.

  • You could try giving warm water rather than cold / room temp. My lo preferred it warm at first but will now drink it at room temp. X

  • Have you tried a doidy cup? My son found it really hard to drink from other cups but ive found since using a doidy he has improved and is now happy to drink water. You can start using them from 3 months for breast fed babies and 6 months for bottle fed.


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