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Feeding routine at 10 months

Hi everyone, hoping for some insight into when and what your baby eats. LO is a good little eater but sometimes I struggle to get meals in at sensible times, e.g. if he falls asleep at 11.30am he doesn't get his lunch until 2.30pm, and then he's not hungry at tea time, especially if he has a bottle late afternoon. What do your daily routines look like?


  • Hi! My LO has breakfast usually around 7-8am, lunch at 12-1pm and dinner between 5-6pm and naps inbetween, but somtimes if she has mega naps these move forward slightly!! Don't worry if your routine fluctuates a bit due to naps, if he wakes up late a lot maybe try shifting his nap times a little or try giving him a bit less milk in the afternoon so he is hungry at tea time! hope this helps! image

  • If your not sure, and wanna be certain that your baby eats enough and healthy you should use this: Request an invite and they'll give you access to their app by e-mail. It helped me a lot during the first months after introducing solids it tells you exactly the amounts that your baby has to eat (milk+solids). Maybe it gives you some inspiration! hugs

  • I wouldnt worry too much about set times as long as your lo is eating and drinking okay. We have a rough routine but I adjust it to suit naps and going out to baby groups ect.. 

    My lo is nearly 10 months old and he has three meals a day plus milk first thing when he wakes, mid morning and then before bed. Plus he has an afternoon snack. 

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