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FREEZING BABYFOOD - what worked for me

What recipes freeze well

I froze food that I cooked for the first and a half month as I found that when I made a batch of food my little lion only ate 3-4 spoons to begin with. After this time, I mostly feed him what we ate as a family, so not as necessary to freeze the food.


Freezing food really helped me save time; I didn’t have to prepare food 3 times a day. It’s worth freezing food immediately (once cooled) so that there is a stock of food in the freezer for when you have no time to cook or when you are not well! I found that by freezing food I could just grab something out the freezer in the morning for his lunch and at lunch get something for his dinner.


I food that most foods freeze well, only bananas, avocados, rice and bread I would say not to freeze.


I froze food for the first month, freezing the food in ice cube trays worked a treat. I would freeze a batch of food, once frozen transfer them into a freezer bag and then the ice cube tray is free for the next batch of food.


Also, I froze pre-prepared meals that I brought from the shops. If there was some left in the pouch or jar, just pop it into the ice cube trays and freeze to use for next time. Best to freeze on the day of opening the meal.

what equipment do I need

I didn’t buy any new equipment for blending food. I used my Kenwood hand blender and masher attachment (KENWOOD HB724 Triblade Hand Blender) for preparing meals. I would boil the food that I was preparing and then either use the masher attachment if I was making mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or I would use the hand blender, making a puree directly in the pan that was used to boil the food, or I would sometimes put the food in the actual chopper and blend the food in there.

I food using a stainless steel sieve and fork useful when making fruit purees for fruit that is slightly stringy or seedy, for example, mangos and berry fruits. I would put the fruit in the sieve and using a spoon to sieve it through into a container. I would then mix the juice from the fruit with some baby rice to thicken it to a slightly sloppy consistency.

I brought some small/mini plastic food containers from a 99p/pound shop for freezing food or taking food in them when out and about. I saw mothercare sold similar containers specially for weaning.


  • That's a great tip about freezing any left over jar/pouch food, I've only froze home made foods and brought leftovers have gone to waste. I will defiantly do this from now on to save on food costs!

    I have found freezing chunks of fruit is good for when they are teething or just nice for a hot day. 

  • I found the Brother Max freezer pots really handy as they have lids,all slot together like an icecube try, but you can remove each pot seperately when needed and they have a handy rubber bottom that when you push the food pops out easily ! they are good little portions too!  I also make little homemade lollies from things such as fruit purees, fresh juice, left over fruit pouches and fruit fromage frais for when my LOs are teething  or hot! image

  • I agree about the brother max pots! I love this product. They are fantastic and I like that they come with a pen to write on the pots the contents. I also put on the date I freeze them to help keep track of whats in the freezer. 

  • My LO is almost 9 months old now, and I feel that she just swallows her food without chewing (or having to chew!), so in order to add a bit more texture I add diced veg - carrots, courgette, peas (left whole!!), swede, potato, etc. the diced veg being about the size of the peas.

    It would be a pain to chop up a portion of veg and cook to order, so I do batches, and freeze it in portions (about 2 - 3 dessert spoonfuls).

    Good to know it is in the freezer!

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