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first foods?


I'm interested to hear what the first food was that you fed your little one. We are about to start weaning on Sunday and can't decide between baby porridge/rice, sweet potato puree or apple/pear puree. We'll be doing a mixture of baby led and traditional weaning. 



  • I started my LOs on a little baby porridge/rice for the initial stage, mixing them with a little fruit and veg purees, then porridge for breakfast and a variety of purees such as parsnip, apple and blueberry, carrot, peach, sweet potato, broccoli and pea and organic sugar free yoghurts. I also did a mix of traditional and baby led weaning and would give my LOs sticks of  foods such as cooked veg, and fruit, rye bread. Nuby do a great little gadget called The Nibbler that you can put pieces of food in and your LO can hold (great for bananas that can be quite tricky!), If you are worried about choking, as it reduces the risk. Good Luck! image

  • Hi Nicola, I hope you and your LO have got off to a good start! Its such an exciting time! I started my son off on baby rice, then when I first started introducing new flavours such as apple and pear I would mix it with his rice until he got used to it. Good luck x

  • Thanks for your replys. We started with baby porridge, which Annabel absoulutly loved. For the first three days I just gave her porridge for breakfast and breast fed as usual then last night I added an evening meal of sweet potato and milk (breast milk) puree, Annabel went wild for this. I am just about to give her another portion tonight.


     Still interested to hear about first foods and how/when you introduced new flavours.Thinking of a pea and courgette puree for the weekend - yum yum.  

  • I started with baby rice and breast milk and then first meal was with sweet potatoe - this always goes down well, If I am trying a new vegetable, I always combine it with sweet potato to get him used to a new taste/texture.

  • hi i went for baby led weaning with my son, you dont do purees at all and start straight in with solids just cut into batons like super soft carrot steamed and broccoli, melon, pear.. there are lots of sites about it. my son went full throttle and now he eats everything we eat, chilli, curry, steak..he hasnt had a spoon in his mouth unless hes holding it. babies have an exremely sensitive gag reflex so its good to read up on a proper site for info on blw but we found it brilliant and its great for hand eye coordination and communication. i did purees with my first baby but would recommened blw by far.image

  • You can't really do a mixture of both, it's either baby led or traditional weaning with spoon feeding alongside finger foods.

    We did BLW. My daughter's 1st meal at 25 weeks was grilled chicken, long stemed broccoli & baby sweetcorn.

  • Hi Blackkat, why can't you do a mixture of both? Give purees and finger foods (earlier than traditionally you would have given them). I agree that true BLW (in my understanding) is not putting a spoon to the baby’s mouth but letting them play and experiment with their food, but surely you can give purees and also let them do this?  

    Did you do completely BLW with your LO? If so how was it?

    I gave purees but introduced finger foods early on too. I wanted to be sure that I knew what Annabel was eating and not having lots of played with but wasted food on the floor. I’m sure whatever method people use will hopefully get us to the same end point, a child that enjoys eating healthy food!

  • Did you spoon feed purees? BLW is exclusively letting your baby self feed all food. A lot of people seem to get confused and think that BLW is just giving finger food but it's more about letting them control what food they eat and how much they eat. So I would put food on my daughter's tray & it was completely up to her what of it she tried and how she fed herself. I've also never changed any of her food so it was all real food exactly what I was eating. Her 1st meal was grilled chicken, long stemed broccoli & baby sweetcorn and she had a good explore & then started eating it on the 1st meal. We started on 3 meals a day as well, straight away. Having never done traditional weaning I can only compare to what I've seen & it just seems so much easier to let your child eat themselves & only cook/prepare 1 meal each time. I've loved it & been pleasantly suprised at how easy & fun it's been. Even my mum admits what a great thing it is (she was very worried that my daughter would just be playing with food which she's never really done).

    I guess you could puree food & let them feed themselves with it but that kinda misses the point of BLW being about them eating real food & the same as you. But of course, you're right, it doesn't matter what method you choose.

  • Bert's first foods have been:

    Baby Rice mixed with formula, Potato, Swede, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Peas, Asparagus, Artichoke, Parnsip, Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Squash (all in puree form) , Beef Bolognaise, and fruit purees. All in the first 2 months of weaning. He's also had some shop bought pouches containing various fruit and veg combos. 

    He's getting on really well and enjoying all the new flavours x

  • This is going to sound really bad but I can't remember my youngest first food. I think it may have been broccoli or cucumber. We do mainly baby led in this house except for soups, yoghurts and breakfast in the morning. She loves feeding herself and will not let me put food near her mouth if its fallen out etc. Shes very independent image


  • Bert tried mushrooms for the first time today in the garlic mushroom pate recipe from the recipe exchange on here - he really liked it! I smothered it on toast and he ate 3 big fingers. image it was nice to see him eat something I'd lovingly made for him - especially knowing exactly what was in it - just garlic, lurpak spread, mushrooms, low fat cream cheese and thyme!


     ^^ cooking away before blending ^^

    I really recommend giving it a go - its over on the recipe exchange, on the first page (i think!) xxx

  • i have stated feeding my DS when he was 6 months. i have given him  cereal and boil sweet potato, vegetable and rice. I used to grind the rice with the boiled vegetables 

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