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feeding a nearly 12mth old with still no teeth!!

Hi, my LO is 12 months tomorrow and she still has no teeth! She is a good little eater and tackles most foods I give her with her gums but I am worried that the fact she has no teeth is hindering her development in some way, as she is not experiencing chewing properly or harder textured foods.Has anyone else experienced the same with their LO?


  • My friends baby has no teeth and she is 9 months and her little one has no probelms eating and hasn't hindered development. I saw her today attack an apple slice, better than my son who has 5 teeth. she was chomping on the slice with her gums, while my son was biting small chunks of the slice and using his teeth to scrap the flesh of the apple slice.

    Where there's food, babies find their own way of getting it into their tummies image


  • Yay! Finally today my LOs first teeth (bottom front 2) have popped up throught her gums! a week after her 1st birthday! Phew! It looks like more are on the way too!

    Definitely Harjeet! I agree, they are determined little things! I think I was just having a bit of a panic, but can now relax..a bit for now! image

  • Yay! Thats great her teeth are on their way image my little one is 11 months and currently has 6 teeth, all of his little friends are at different stages with their teeth but watching them all eat at the same times there is no difference with the way and what they can eat. When we meet up all the mummies bring something and the little ones share their food so get to try different things. The ones with very few teeth or none can eat exactly the same as the ones with more teeth image

  • My daughter didn't get her 1st tooth until she was 11 months & that certainly didn't stop her eating anything! Their teeth are right under their gums so their gums are very hard. It shouldn't affect the food that you give them. Glad to read that her teeth are coming through, although for us this meant that my daughter went off food for a bit. Hope it's going well

  • Thanks jodie-lou & Blackkat! She is 16 months now but only has her 4 front teeth (with hopefully more on the way, we can see them under the gums!) She will tackle whatever she can, but there are still some foods she finds hard to eat, bless her! Still worry about the fact she does not have many teeth. Might make a trip to the dentist with her, to see what they say.

  • I was talking to someone who said he had three years of teething with his little one, I'm hoping it don't take that long!! We are now up to 9 teeth at 12 months 

  • My little one has another tooth coming out, lots of dribble! He has had 8 teeth in total at the moment, but he has had this many since 7 months!

  • Make that 10!

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