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porridge for breakfast

My son loves his heinz baby breakfasts (he has the 10 months plus range now) but now he eats bigger portions Im finding that a box doesn't last very long. Ive tried giving him normal organic porridge with fruit puree to sweeten it but he really doesn't like it! Has anyone else come accross this? Is there anything I can try or is it a case of keep trying?


  • have you tried giving him finer milled organic porridge oats or oatmeal, rather than normal porridge? I would cook this in a pan with warm milk and add fresh blueberries/raspberries/banana or a little agave nectar to sweeten it. the texture is a bit better for them to deal with. image

  • Rude Health do a nice wheat-free natural oatmeal, nothing added. you can get it in most big supermarkets and online £2.99 for 750g. and if you want to add a little texture for him add some organic puffed rice to make it interesting! image

  • My little one has always had ready brek with fruit - raspberries, strawberries or banana - and made with his formula, he's never had baby porridge. X

  • Thanks ThinkWeiss image What milk would you use? 

  • Just add whatever you give to your LO as a usual drink. When my LO was younger I added breast milk to start but as my milk supplies got a bit less (and i wanted to save it for proper feeds) I added a little Hipp Combiotic (premade formula cartons) then organic milk when she was old enough. image

  • I started my little one on adult rolled porridge oats from 6 months and adult porridge oats from 6.5 months. I started of making the rolled porridge oats with pump breast milk, soon gave up with that and brought formula milk to make it with. With the porridge oats would add pureed fruit to add sweetness.

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