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plates, bowls, or the high chair tray/table?

When letting your little ones feed themselves do you put their food on a plate, in a bowl or do you find it easier to just put it on their tray? Do you rate any products? Or have any tips or ideas of what you do with your little ones?

If using a bowl I like the ones that have inserts so you can make different sections for different foods. I have one my brother max that also comes with a lid so I can take it out with me and its suitable for the microwave.

With plates I give my son ones with pictures on to make eating a fun experience.

I also have a little toddler lunch box that I use with my son. As soon as he spots his lunchbox he gets excited and knows there is food inside! He likes to try and open it him self. (and with a little help from me) when he looks inside he is thrilled wih his food and eats it all!


  • It'll come down to the individual child - my youngest likes to be 'the same as mummy & daddy' so will eat of a toddler plate whilst my eldest is Autistic so prefers her food 'seperated' into groups (Veg section, meat section, potato section...) on a special 'spacer plate' (similar to plane food service).

    There is no right nor wrong answer to feeding your child as long as they are happy eating & the surface they're eating from is kept clean between meals.

  • When my eldest was weaning I would use a vital baby Unbelievabowl as it stayed put when she was eating from it in her highchair. With my youngest LO I put food on her highchair tray as if i put a bowl in front of her she takes everything out and puts it onto the tray anyway, then trys to remove the bowl with all her might!! I am trying to get her used to a bowl, but she is a bit of a defiant little monkey! lol! My eldest has several brighty coloured plates, her favourite is her rainbow coloured plate from Habitat that she has discovered, to her delight, features on Cbeebies everyday, so she is very proud of it and loves eating from it!! I like to arrange the food into fun shapes, patterns and faces, to make eating fun, and stimulate them visually too! image

  • I can't wait to start making faces with my sons food! My mum and dad used to do it with my food so I would eat things that I wouldnt normally try and ill be doing the same for him. Ill look out for your daughters plate on Cbeebies image

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