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holiday weaning advice please

Any advice on weaning on holiday? We haven't booked yet but are hoping for a week somewhere away in August (maybe abroad) I am trying to do all homemade puree for Annabel (5.5 months). I'd love to hear where you went, hotel/self catering etc and how you managed to feed outside of the normal routine. Thanks x x 


  • Hi nicola

    We took our son to Greece on holiday when he was 8 mths old. We stayed in a self catering villa which made things so much easier. I filled a suitcase with Ella's kitchen pouches and they were fab. Like you at home I puréed all his food myself but just wanted it to be worry free. 

    Good luck image

    Choc x

  • Hi Nicola! definitely take a couple of pouches with you just in case, as even if you plan to do all homecooked purees, things don't always go to plan on holiday, and if you do stay in self catering, they may not have a blender, etc (take a potato masher with you if you can!). As my husband is from Paris, we go there and around france when we go on holiday and when my LOs were younger, I would always take pouches with me for back up, even if  I did have all the equipment i needed to make food available to me! Some great bits to take with you when you are out and about  are a small cool/lunch bag and cool brick with you, some travel spoons (brother max do great little heat sensitive ones), disposable bibs, and a travel weaning bowl with a lid (vital baby do good ones). Always be prepared, but remember to relax and have a great family holiday!  image

  • We went away for a couple of days last week and I took pouches and fresh fruit. The pouches are so handy because you don't have to worry about keeping food cold and can seal that securely with the lids. 

    In May when we went to Strafford upon Avon, the hotel was very to helpful and blended vegetables for me, however, my little one was more interested in my risotto!

    I was far more easier when little ones only need milk image

  • Thanks ladies, our holiday is this week. We are going up to Scotland on the train, staying in Glasgow for a few days then over to a small island. I will let you know how we manage with the whole weaning process.

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