Hi, today I was about to make a baked plum puree for Annabel (5.5 months) my aunty went mad and told me that plums were too rich for a baby and that I should wait. I'm sure I've seen baby foods made of or with plum so wanted to make my own. I would love some advice on what and when you started adding richer fruits/foods. Thanks.


  • Hi Nicola,

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  • Ive never heard that before and ive tried my little one on all sorts of fruits. If your concerned you could try just a little plum with some baby rice and see how she gets on. My son has tried plum mixed with apple puree and had no bad reaction to it.

  • I think my Aunty was just being neurotic and scaring me. I am just about to bake some plums,  I will be trying Annabel with them mixed in her porridge tomorrow morning.

    Thanks SonilH for posting on Facebook, I read the replies which were helpful.

  • Maybe your auntie got mixed up with another fruit?!  I gave my LOs baked plums and yoghurt/porridge from early on in weaning. I hope Annabel likes it! image

  • Hi,

    I made the baked plum puree (see recipe exchange thread), mixed it with Annabel's baby porridge and she loved it. She pulled a funny face on first tasting it, but ate all her porridge as normal.

    I think my aunty was just being a worry-wort. I agree though that the flavour is very sweet/strong and I wouldn't suggest giving a young baby a whole portion of plum puree by itself. I would suggest mixing it with other foods such as baby rice, porridge or other fruits like pear, apple or melons.




  • I made stewed plums and he hated them!!! Might give it a couple of weeks and then try them again!

  • Claire531,

    Try using the baked plums as an additive to other foods. I think on their own can be quite strong (which is what my Aunty was originally worried about). I added them to porridge, yogurt, fromage frais or even a spoon to other baked fruits such as pears and apples.

    If the baby really doesn't like them you could always add some almond powder and use to spread in-between a sponge cake or use as a base for a tart. image  

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