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Homemade and shop bought

As I have always cooked, including as a profession for 5 years, I always thought that I would never buy food for my darling child, as I just presumed that it would be an expensive option, folk would think that I wasn't doing right by my LO and I wanted to know exactly what she was/is eating!

So, when 6 months appeared I started cooking, pureeing and freezing. To be perfectly honest my DD didn't seem overly impressed with my efforts, which meant she wasn't really experiencing food, wasn't getting any protein/iron and my pride had taken a battering (no-one has ever complained about my food - well not to my face anyway!!!).

I had also been made redundant, and we were in the process of relocating, so I didn't have too much spare time on my hands, so I decided to go down the shop bought route, and I haven't looked back!

I try to stick with organic foods, and she has eaten everything I put in front of her - spag bol, cheesy pasta, cottage pie, veg lasagne, etc.............. and this variety is not too expensive, considering the range of food she is consuming - there are always offers at the major supermarkets.

For sweet stuff I tend to stick with fruit and greek yogurt, and she has organix snacks.

Now however I am at a point where I would like to make food that we can all eat, so that is the next stage! Will keep you posted on my progress!

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