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lack of water!

Since the hot weather started my son seems to have gone off his water. I would have thought that in this heat he would have needed to drink more (as I am thirsty all the time!!) Im worried he is not getting enough fluids but I cant force it down him. Have any others mums come across this?


  • Just try offering him a little water but more often. I  also find my LO would rather drink water out of a cup I am drinking from as she thinks she is getting something better and usually drinks more than from her cup, even if sometimes it gets a bit messy!! If he is weeing frequently and it is not dark in colour. he is getting enough fluids. image

  • He has not had many wet nappies but the colour has been normal. He is always trying to grab my drink so ill try him with that tomorrow and see if he will drink more. Ive been trying to give him food with higher water contents such as cucumber just so I feel he is getting something.

  • make some fruit juices. my little one loves drinking strawberry, apple and mango juice. I made it in a smoothie making machine and added water too thin it out.

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