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  • At 7 months Marley started to eat new potatoes and I introduced more veg as finger foods such as green beans and cucumber. At 7 months he also became more interested by what was on my plate!! I stoped making purees and instead mashed food to give him along side his finger foods.

  • He is such a little poppet! Nice to see he loves his food! image

  • Thank you image I just hope he continues to love food and try anything. The only problem is trying to stop him stealing food off my plate!!

  • I have heard that babies start to decide their food preference according to their taste buds from 9 months! I am hoping if this is the case that my LO carries on being a good eater and not too fussy when he hits this stage!

  • Thanks Harjeet I have never heard that, marley is 10 months on monday and is starting to pick out his own food if given a few choices on his tray. Not looking forward to a fussy stage!! Lets hope they continue to be good little eaters image x

  • I am going through a bit of a fussy stage with Mia at the moment! She is refusing to eat foods that are very soft or squishy in texture, even foods she has liked and eaten regularly, before, she hands me them back or chucks them off the high chair!! She is a great eater otherwise, I am still offering her the soft foods and hoping she will start eating them again at some point! image

  • I have a friend who still wont eat sqishy soft foods! Lets hope it will soon pass and her big sister can help her enjoy sqishy foods again image

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