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Weaning onto a vegetarian/vegan diet.

I'm interested to hear about your experiences of weaning your LO onto a vegetarian/vegan diet, did this go smoothly?, what were your reasons for doing so and how did family and friends react?.  Have you any advice, tips or comments, good cookbooks/recipes, to share with other Mums who want to do the same.


  • We started my son on a vegetarian diet and after 6 months added egg and fish. Reason for going down this route is because my husband are I follow a pescetarian diet. Family have been ok as some members of the family are pure veg or pescetarian.  My little loves his love and enjoys a wide range foods from veggi sausages with couscous, veggi soya lasagna to salmon and rice.

    Not really used books, but I do have a annabel karmel book- have flicked through it for information and ideas, not followed a recipe. I just tend to make things that I think go well together and I try feed him what we are having for dinner without salt and chilli. This seems to work for us.

    In the future, when he gets to an age that he wishes to try meat, he can have it outside the home with the exception of beef for religious reasons.  

    Times have changed a lot from when I was at school, being veggi meant a huge chuck of graded cheese was plated up everyday for school dinners!

  • He does like apple and cheese on toast from breakfast or food snack.

    what is need



    Peel apple skin and grate. Grate enough cheese for the of toast you ae doing. One small apple will do 2 toasts.

    why they look like once grilled


    same can be done with pear instead of apple






  • For purees I did the below:

    • sweet potato and carrots with red lentils, garlic and ginger
    • minted pea
    • broccoli, potato and cheese 
    • avocado and pear
    • avocado and apple
    • tuna, sweetcorn, pasta and cheese
    • pasta, tomato, garlic and basil
    • butternut squash and peach
    • sweetcorn, yellow lentil and cheese
    • red lentil curry and rice 
  • For those of you who do want to wean onto a vegetarian/vegan diet the NHS has iformation on how to do this. see link:

    Some great idea of meals from Harjeet above, thanks.image

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