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Hello Ive started weaning my prem baby at 18 weeks he was 8 weeks early, but I've been seeing so many different things! 

Some people are saying you no when yor baby's hungry and to go by the actual date e was born but others are saying go by his due date which would make him 10 weeks!

ive been giving him baby porridge and he's ate the whole bowl and crys for more  Im worried and don't no what to do shall I Carry on as he's taking it and seems fine or stop! Hellllp please


  • Hi Lily3,

    I think you need to go and see your Health Visitor as soon as possible. Weaning premature babies is totally different from weaning full term babies. You are right that your baby has a corrected age (the age he should have been if born at 40 weeks) of only ten weeks, this is far to early to wean, even though he was born 18 weeks ago he still had a lot of growing to do before he hit his actual due date, for full term babies that growing takes place still in Mummy's belly. Your little one had to grow whilst being in the 'outside world'

    It is difficult as a hungry baby can be hard work but maybe you need to increase his milk feeds (bottle or breast, or both). I can't imagine that he is showing much interest in your own food? is he holding his head up?, can sit up? and has he doubled his birth weight?, all of which indicate that he is ready to wean.

    Please go to your health visitor and have a chat with them, they will know your LO's history and what is best for the both of you. If you can't get in to see the HV, try a milk-spot breast feeding group (should run locally) or if really worried see your GP, but HV will offer the best advice.

    I'm sure that both he and you will be fine, I know that all the information can get confussing and be upsetting, that's why we have professionals on hand to help. In the mean time I would carry on bottle/breast feeding and omit the solids until you have been given the go ahead. You try not to worry either.

    Let us know how you got on and what the advice from the HV was. x x

  • Hi Lily3,

    Just wondered how you were getting on and if you had gotten any further advice. I found a really good document on weaning premature babies, the guidelines is to start no earlier than 3 months but advise you wait til at least 5 months CORRECTED AGE. Your baby is only 10 weeks corrected age so you need to wait a while yet!! (27 weeks of actual age which is approx 5 months) See the attached link.

    Let us know how you are getting on and share your experience as it will be really valuable to other Mums in the same predicament.

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