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Breakfast ideas?

I have been giving Annabel baby porridge for breakfast, she is getting a bit bored of it so I have started to add in puree fruit or a banana. What do you give your LO's for breakfast, I don't want to give her the same each day and could do with some ideas. She is almost 6 months and we have only just started weaning so are still at stage 1.


  • baked peaches and blackberries, pureed with a little baby porridge. homemade quinoa and baked banana puree, or add a bit of quinoa to other fruit purees as its a change from rice and porridge but very nutritious. image

  • Toast and pancakes are a nice treat, my Lo likes fresh strawberries reduced down and spread on toast soldiers, that way theres no added sugar like jam but tastes just as good

  • blueberries and yogurt and eggy bread and two more breakfast items going down Weill with my son at the moment. With the eggy bread, I cut it into strips for him to feed himself.

  • Sliced fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, egg bread , cereals my LO like sweet potato and fruits and i give him fruit juice 

  • I'm giving Lexie weetabix mixed with her baby milk, she's doing really well with the texture 

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