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This is a rough idea of our current feeding routine at nine months...

Wake up around half 6 and has a milk feed (breast milk)

At around 8am has porridge and some fruit

At around 10.30am he has another milk feed before his nap    

Between 12 an 1pm he has his lunch followed by something sweet for pudding

At around half 2 he has a snack or breast milk ( sometimes both) before he has an afternoon nap.

At around 5.30pm he has his dinner and some dried fruit crisps.

Any time from 7pm he has his final milk feeds before going to bed. His feeds still last a long time before bed or he will be on and off me for a couple of hours.

Am I getting the right balance or do you think im feeding him too much? What are your feeding routines at 9 months? Are any mums having problems? Or does anyone think they have the perfect routine?             


  • Feeding for my little one is get up around 6:30-7:30,

    breakfast is around 7:30-8:00

    nursed/milk at around 10:30

    nap between 10:30ish to 11:30 for 30 mins to an hour

    lunch with pudding ( yogurt, fruit etc) between 11:30- 1:30

    nursed/milk 2:00

    nap between 2-4 for 30 to 2 hours

    will have a snack before dinner.

    dinner with pudding (yogurt, fruit etc) between 5:30-6:30

    bath between 6:30 to 7:00

    nursed/milk 6:50-7:30 sleep



  • We're usually up about 6.30am, but no milk.

    Breakfast (1 weetabix and sliced banana usually) between 7am and 8am.

    Morning nap at some point between 9.30am and midday (1 - 1.5hrs) - Sometimes I'll nurse her beforehand, but not every day.

    Lunch - midday (half jar of savoury and then some fruit/yogurt)

    Nap - 2ish, and again sometimes I nurse her, but not everyday.

    Snack at 4ish - Organix crisps/breadstick/ricecakes

    Tea at 5ish - half jar savoury and pud (rice & fruit)

    bath - 6/6.30pm

    Supper - 6.45pm (recommended by HV to help sleep through) - fruit/yogurt/rice

    Bed - we go up at 7ish and I feed her.

  • Thats interesting about your hv recommending supper. In nine and a half months marley has only slept throuh the night a hand full of times. He has a lot of milk before he will sleep so I might try giving him a little supper and see if it helps.

  • Hi Jodie-Lou,

    Did you try the supper idea? I have certainly found that it works still! I will just give Flo a weetabix and s little banana, or yogurt & fruit puree and then just give her her final feed about 5mins later and then strainght to bed. Hope it has made a difference - I know that it has been an excellent decision for us!

  • Ive been giving him a yogurt before his bedtime feed and he is having less milk now and going to sleep quicker and with less fuss but he is still waking twice in the night image

  • Oh no Jodie-Lou - you poor poor thing! I know how tiring that is! Itry and give Flo something a bit more substantial like a small bowl of cereal/rice/porridge, and maybe a little banana mixed in. As they more stodgy foods I think it might fill up more.

    However, my HV also said if she kept waking up in the night, only give her water - the theory is that a baby will soon learn that they are not getting 'good stuff' when they wake in the night, and won't bother waking up. Hope this helps!

  • I'm not looking forward to seeing his face when he only gets water! Lol. Its got to be worth a go though, anything to finally let me catch up an some much needed sleep. Thanks for the advice x

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