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Hi there, just this week my lo has vomited 3 times..this isnt spit up as his stomach is retching, he doesn't have a temp. I'm breastfeeding and twice its happened at the 11 o clock feed. Once in the evening just after a dinner which was a bit of cottage pie and a fromage fraise. I haven't given him fromage fraise again. He did have/has silent reflux which I think he's on the other side of and we've stopped using infant gaviscon after the first vomit as it was so thick it was like sludge and he was very distressed bringing it up. He just got sick tonight after a small breastfeeding he started twisting around and I couldn't hold him as I usually do to wait half an hour before lying him down due to reflux. I laid him down and he passed a huge fart! But continued twisting anf then cried out so I picked him up and he started to heave up his feed. if it hadn't been for the previous incidents during the week I would have said it was that he was windy and straining that caused him to be sick...even with the reflux he wasn't a vomiter and he's never vomited so frequently. I cant figure out the cause. Hes been doing great with blw up to now. He did have a really big breastfeeding session at 7:30 that lasted til 9:45 with a half hour break in there bit thats not unusual. .could he just be too full? He's on an anticonvulsant "keppra" which he's been on since 5 wks for seizures but I don't think that has anything to do with it. He feeds fine a couple of hours after being sick. Maybe he's just too full and his stomach is still a bit immature? Any ideas or similar experiences? He's been taking cow and gate follow on milk during the day now since 6 mths... Perturbed.


  • Maybe it's worth taking him docs? He could be too full or maybe he's got a bit of a tummy bug. Has he been sick again since you posted? Any diorreah or anything? X

  • Hi,  Maybe there is something he is eating that he is reacting to? When my LO was younger she used to suffer with bad wind, and some foods would exaserbate this, she would get really uncomfortable and farty and if she was not winded properly she would bring food back up. You should definitely take your LO to the Drs to get to the bottom of it and I hope he gets better soon. image

  • Hi and thanks! There's been no more vomiting and yesterday morning I noticed that there was a 2nd tooth that had just cut through. I think it was a combination of the reflux tummy and teething which made him he had no temp it makes me reluctant to take him to the doctor as I'm in Ireland it costs ???50 so I only go when I'm really worried, if the tooth hadn't appeared and he was still vomiting I would definitely take him! I'm going to keep him off the fromage fraise for a while I think his tummy's not ready for it- I was off dairy until he was 6months in case he was intolerant but I didn't know for sure

    Thanks for answering and your adviceimage
  • Awww glad he's a bit better x

  • So glad your LO is ok, and you found out what was wrong. image

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