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What makes you decide which ready made baby food to buy

I was wondering what influences your ready made baby food purchases? Is it a brand of food that your parents or friends used/used, money off coupons from manufacturers flavours, packaging, organic ranges, pouches or jars  etc

I receive coupons from different companies of their brand of food occasionally and this sometimes influences me to try a new flavour or brand. Also, I have stuck with pouches as these are easy and less heavy to carry when out and about, also, I like ones with no added extras in the meal ( colour, preservatives etc). Also, I try the baby food as well, and if I think it tastes ok, then I am happy to give it to my son. If I don't like the taste, then I won't buy it again.


  • Like you Harjeet I try everything that I give my LO. I always look at what is in the products to make sure there are no hidden nasties. When I first started weaning I only used organic products but i'm much more relaxed about this now. I tend to use products with a good rep and brand names that I can trust.

  • Like you Jodie-Lou I started out only buying organic food, but found that this became quite limiting. So now I buy a range of jars (which I find more cost effective), and this has meant a much wider range of flavours and styles of food that Flo now has. I have never come across any nasty additives in the ones that I have bought.

    Also, if at home I will add chunks of vegetables, just to add some variety of texture, and ensures she is getting enough fruit and veg!

    I have only ever bought 1 jar of pudding (rice, choc pudd, etc) though, as I see little point as there are so many lovely fruit purees, yogurts and fruit.

    So, Harjeet, in answer to your question (!) I have to admit cost is a big factor for me, but also I ensure (like Jodie-lou) that there are no hidden nasties! And often I too have had a taste, mainly to check the temperature, but have to agree that if I think it tastes fine, then I am more than happy for Flo to eat it!

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