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Annabel’s Weaning Diary: Part 2.

Wow, weaning is fun, stressful, exciting, annoying, time- consuming but defiantly rewarding and defiantly worth it.

Six weeks in and Annabel is enjoying most foods. But we have had a really busy time; we have been on holiday for 10 days, had 3 weddings, been visiting family up north for a weekend and had house guests. I always knew that Annabel wouldn’t have a strict routine; I have never had one (shift worker) but wasn’t expecting her first weeks of weaning to be quite so hectic.

I wanted to make all my own purees and have so far managed this about 75% of the time, but on holiday and at weddings it is just so much easier to have a pouch or a jar. I buy which ever foods are on offer or as close to the ingredients that we use at home.  Annabel  does enjoy the pouches/jars and I find them easier to transport . I did feel a little bit guilty at first, not sure why as I don’t eat homemade food every night so not so sure why I think that she should.

I had thought about baby-led weaning and was going to introduce some aspects of this into her diet, but actually she loves purees and shows no interest in feeding herself, so I have kept to old fashioned purees. She does have a piece of toast for breakfast which she sucks, nibbles, throws on the floor and swallows about two thirds of, if that. Other finger foods she has not really grasped yet, I tried her with some cheesy –puff finger food snacks and baby rice cakes but she wasn’t keen, she just crushed them in her hand and looked at me like I was mad.

We haven’t really introduced meat or fish yet, I am planning on this being our next step and am starting to think about what homemade goodies to make. Although on holiday she did have a nibble on some venison, but we were in the Scottish Highlands so thought it would be rude for her not to try some of the local delicacy! We tried eggs this morning, scrambled with spinach but the texture was to difficult for Annabel to ‘chew’ so we gave up half way through and she had porridge. Annabel was having tantrums and becoming distressed once she had finished her meals, to combat this I have increased her portion size, give her water to sip post foods and make sure she has toys to play with to hand.

We were slowly working upto 3 meals a day, but went down to two on holiday, so now home we are concentrating on going back up to 3 meals daily.

I am learning that weaning is a fun process, but a slow one. I am in no rush to introduce stage 2 foods to Annabel, I’m sure she will let me know when she is ready and able for more advanced eating, until then I am enjoying the sound of the blender whizzing up all the goodness she needs.


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