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Recipe thread - SNACKS

As the success of the Recipe thread continues, I am finding it hard to find recipes for specific meals I want to look at, so am starting the following themed recipe threads:





If I have missed anything glaringly obvious, just shout!

Kate x


  • Harjeet wrote (see)

    Courgette and feta nibbles

    1 slice of bread, cut into small cubes

    140g courgette grated (approx 1 medium sized courgette)

    70g feta cheese, crumbled finely       2 eggs (whisked) 
    black pepper to season (optional)     half lemon (optional)  

    chives (optional)



    preheat  the oven to 200 degrees.     Oil a silicone mini muffin/small cupcake tin with olive oil.    whisk the eggs in a bowl, add pepper, then add courgette and mix. squeeze lemon and chives into mixture, add crumbled feta cheese and cubed bread and mix well.   Fill each hole with mixture.

    Bake for 16 minutes or until firm and well browned.  



    These can be served for lunch, dinner or as finger food. 

    If your little one does not like textures, the courgettes can be blended and the bread can be made into bread crumbs .


  • ThinkWeiss wrote (see)

    For a quick and simple snack/meal why not try cheese and pepper bagle bites?

    Take a wholegrain bagel and slice in half.

    Spread with a little creme fraise mixed with finley chopped chives.

    Add thin slices of/or grated cheese on top.

    Decorate with slices of pepper.

    Grill until cheese is bubbling and golden and the pepper is cooked.

    Set aside to cool then cut into managable bite size chunks and serve! image





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