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My little started walking one week before 9 months, he is now 10 months and 1 week. He, I feel, isn't eating enough for the amount he moves. I thought we had made a break through 2 weeks ago, when he started wanting more food once he had finished what was in the bowl, but it has gone back to normal again. I think the problem is that he has a set amount he is happy with in the high chair and then he wants to strengh his legs and he screams to get out the high chair. When I let him go and try feed him while he is moving, he will eat more! Not sure how to tackle this one as I don't want him associating the highchair as a Stress area where he cries, but then I don't want him to get used to eating on the move and playing at the same time! Any advice.


  • Hi Harjeet. Try not too worry to much. My LO I has not long discovered the joys of walking and will sometimes not eat a lot and want out of her highchair to run around! Try and stick too only feeding him when he is sitting down, otherwise he will not eat much at mealtimes as he will know you will give him food while he walks about. I would suggest, giving your LO a little leg stretch mid-meal if he does get very agitated and refuse to eat then return to feeding him the rest of his food. You can then gradually phase this out as he starts to eat more. As he becomes a more confident walker he should settle back into a routine with his food, it is the new found freedom they enjoy at this stage, and food takes a back seat when there is running to master! image

  • My lo is not yet walking but im have problems sitting him his chair too! As soon as im sitting him down he starts to cry and wont eat anything! I face it towards the tv and this distracts him for a bit and he has a few mouthfulls. If we are eating out he is fine and will eat a whole meal in a high chair. babies are very strange little things, i hope this is just a phase!

  • I managed to keep him in his high chair tonight for dinner and pudding. I had to keep giving him different things to hold ( empty plastic tubs, wooden spoons etc) which he kept throwing on the floor for me to pick up. But it kept him distracted! Lets see if I can keep it up.

  • Thats great, fingers crossed it keeps working

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