Holiday Weaning fun!

People though that we were mad and a tad over ambitious to take a 6 month old on a mini tour of Scotland. But we had a fab time, we stayed on a small Island called Eigg (only 100 habitants), stayed at an old station house (now a wonderful B&B and restaurant) and stayed in various B&Bs. It became a fun challenge of how and when to feed Annabel.

I had wanted to try to feed her all homemade food but obviously knew this would not be possible while on holiday. So I packed fresh fruit, cartoons, pouches and jars. I took a pot of frozen puree which defrosted en route and lasted the first two days. We were well stocked up.

We had to be creative, we weren't always in cafes/pubs or places that Annabel could sit and eat so she got feed in her buggy on quite a few occasions. When feeding her out and about we were relaxed and didn't get worried or stressed if we had no seats/tables/running water. I took alcohol and baby wipes so could clean hands/faces and each evening cleaned all of the feeding equipment.



 Mummy and Annabel having afternoon tea.


 At the seaside just before it rained!


 Local train!


 On a nature walk.


 With a big freindly dog in the B&B.



 Phew - Home at last!!

Enjoy your holiday weaning, it doesn't have to be stressful just fun and enjoyable for all.





  • Now that really is a weaning journey! I love her expression in the picture with the dog! She doesn't look convinced! lol! image

  • looks like you all had a great time. Did you get the B&B to heat her food?

  • Fab photos!! We are off on holiday in october and im looking forward to hopefully having marleys first picnic on the beach (not sure this will actually happen in october in england!!) Did you have to feed her while traveling? With a long car journey im worried about when best to feed him?

  • Hi,

    Harjeet - I didn't heat any of Annabel's food. I try to give her a mixture of hot and cold foods as I don't want to have to worry about heating her food if we are out or visiting people. So far she doesn't mind either hot or cold.

    Jodie-lou - We didn't drive we went on trains. I travel a lot between Manchester and London so am always feeding Annabel on the virgin pendalinos at 100mph ha ha. I just sit her in her buggy and feed her there, I tend not to let her have messy finger food whilst travelling though.  

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