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No regrets on weaning early.

We started weaning Annabel at 5 months and so far we have had a fantastic experience. I wanted to share that I was glad we started weaning at 5 months and didn't wait until 6 months. Annabel was absolutely ready.

Has anybody regreted weaning early or are you happy with when you started weaning? Would you wait or do it differently next time? Be interested to hear stories ad hopefully help other parents thinking about starting their own weaning journeys.



  • Started 12/13 weeks on baby rice by 16/17 she was on fruit n veg then progressed to meat and finger foods. Never regretted it she was definitely ready for it x

  • I started weaning my lo at 17 weeks. I had felt under pressure to start earlier from family but wanted to wait untill the advised time (6 months) I decided to start him on baby rice at 17 weeks as I believed the time was right and looking back I wouldnt change a thing. If I have another baby I wouldnt worry as much about when to start weaning as I think our little ones let us know when they are ready and they are all different

  • Same here, I started weaning both my LOs from 5 months as they both showed the signs that they were ready, and they took to it brilliantly, no looking back! lol! image

  • It's obvious to me that mums wean their babies early for one reason: to make their life as a parent easier, not because they think it's genuinely best for their babies. What do people mean when they say their child is "ready"? And what difference would another few weeks make, for goodness' sake? Mums being selfish I'm afraid.
  • I'm afraid I completely agree with Piglet, early weaning may not seem like an, but later in life early weaning can cause an array of health issues including IBS to name just one problem.  I do wonder how you early weaners behaved during your pregnancies, did you flout the no alcohol, no blue cheese, no runny eggs, no raw steaks, no medication rules because, well after all, they are just guidelines right?!  Yes babies all develop at different rates - MENTALLY - but not physically, scientists know when a babies digestive system is ready and capable of taking solids and that is why they say no solids until 6 months! Again, how many of you, during your pregnancy, looked at the week by week calander to see which bits of your baby were developing that week?!  At the end of the day 6 months is not that long to wait and surely we should want to ensure the best health for our babies and their future health. 

  • Thats totally unfair to call mothers that wean before six months selfish! You dont know our situations or our babies. I did a lot of research and seeked advise before I started weaning my little one at 17 weeks and I know I made the right decission 

  • Piglet76, it is an interesting concept that weaning makes a parent’s life easier, while exclusively breast feeding all I needed was a nursing bra and top and off we went. Once we started to wean, I needed freezer pots, bips, extra baby wipes, a keep warm/cold lunch box not to mention ensuring that I actually had purees with me everywhere we went. I then of course had to make the purees, ensuring that my LO had enough of a variety so was getting a good mixture of nutrients and experimenting with tastes and flavors. Of course doing all this 2 weeks earlier than the guidelines suggested (guidelines, not the law or the absolute but guidelines) it would seem in some people’s opinion made my life easier!!

    The WHO (world health orginisation) set the 6 month guideline globally taking into consideration lack of clean, healthy, and  affordable food in some non-western countries, and of course the promoting the  health benefits of  breastfeeding for as long as possible. However in the western world we do have access to such things.

    The NHS choices webpage advises that babies grow at different rates (this includes physically Maxes Mummy) and that there are 3 signs that your LO is ready to start weaning: Can sit and hold head steady, can co-ordinate eyes, hands and mouth to look at, hold and place in their mouth food, and finally can actually swallow food! If all these miles stones have been met weaning can be commenced safely and if the parents are happy.

    Research into weaning is changing all the time, I was weaned at 4 months, I have no allergies, no gastric problems so it would seem have not suffered, just like many before me. At the time (in the 1980s) it was advised that babies were weaned at 4 months, so my Mother did the ‘right’ thing.

    I think it is very sad that other Mothers would judge so harshly the informed decisions made by other mothers, who of course are doing what they believe to be best for their own child. The notion that these same mothers drank alcohol, ate soft cheese and basically ‘broke the rules’ during pregnancy seems a little ignorant and again rather judgmental and it is sad that people should think such thoughts.

    As stated in my original post, I weaned Annable at about 5 and a half months when she had achieved the recommended milestones. I had read and fully understood the guidelines from the WHO, DOH and on the NHS choices webpage, I also attended a weaning lecture at the local Health Centre.  I have absolutely NO regrets in doing so. If you think I am selfish for doing so then that remains your choice, but I am more than happy with my decision and have a beautiful, healthy and very happy little girl, who loves her food!!

  • At the end of the day you've made your decision and I hope for your LO that in years to come it isn't something you regret doing.  As someone who was also weaned in the 80's at the recommended weaning age and suffers from horrendous gastric issues there was no way I would risk my sons health, for the sake of a few weeks, and putting him through what I go through when there are guidelines based on scientific fact to help prevent this.  At the end of the day our mothers did what the guidelines suggested, based on the scientific knowledge available at the time, science and medical knowledge has progressed and moved miles in the last 30 years and we should use this progression to our advantage!


    In reference to the pregnancy food rules, my point wasn't about people breaking them but more along the lines of how strict we all are during pregnancy; the number of posts I've seen saying 'OMG I've just eaten blah, blah, blah ... is this ok or will I now have a mutated baby that's green with purple spots' but once the baby arrives this anxious, worrying about following the rules seems to go by the wayside and everyone justifies breaking the rules with the argument ' well it never did me any harm'!  When our mothers and grandmothers were pregnant with us donkey's years ago smoking, heavy drinking etc also wasn't seen to do any harm in unborn babies but due to science and medical progression we now know these things to be bad so will we ignore these facts because some of us seem to be unaffected? - no we won't. 


    But anyway I've made my point. 


  • I have just started Bert on baby rice/baby rice pudding this week. He is 19 weeks old today. He's been showing all the signs of being ready and wanted to be able to begin the weaning journey while my husband is at home for the holidays. He didn't want to miss this big step in Bert's development. He took his first feed amazingly well, and gobbled down half a small pot of rice pudding easily. We are planning to stick to one meal of baby rice a day for the next month or so, then we'll venture onto other things. No regrets so far xxx
  • Well done on your weaning journey's mums, as for piglets comment, what a load of complete bs! wish id seen that comment when it was posted as people like that really get my back up. I presume she's a professional or some sort of expert  to be able to make that claim! Weaning isn't easy and doesn't make life easier, if anything a selfish mum is a mum who can't be arsed to get her baby started on the weaning journey when he or she is ready as it's easier to give a bottle or breast. And as mums we instinctively know when our own babies are "ready". I got slated by another narrow minded mum  for weaning far to early, and apparently putting my daughter at risk! How someone can come to that conclusion without knowing me I don't know lol but it worked for me and as soon as my next baby is ready ill start again, be it 12, 13 or 20 weeks, I'd never push her before I thought it was safe but at the same time enjoyed weaning my first so much that I won't leave it too late because some silly woman without a clue says I shouldn't do it before 6 months. I was weaned at 8 weeks and have a real passion for food, no issues or allergies.

  • LH86 I think its always best to follow your instincts as a mum, and just do what you think is best. I don't know any mums who would purposely put their children at risk. Also, I totally agree about weaning not being "easy" or the "lazy option" - its hard work! Especially of you're making the food yourself. Giving milk is far far easier. I've weaned Bert early, and he's loving it. I'm using my instinct - and taking all my leads from him. My GP fully supports me, and I feel confident in my decision. I think its important that as mums we support each other, and don't judge too harshly - we all have different opinions, and I'm sure all have the best interests of our children at heart.  Good luck to everyone no matter what age, or how they decide to wean. x

  • Wow !!! I am new on here and a grandmother, so that probably means I will be slated, but here goes. Max's mummy and Piglet76.......

    My daughter was born in 1979 and at 6 weeks overnight I lost my milk. I know nowadays there are methods of bringing it back, but in those days every health professional just told you to go on the bottle. Unfortunately my daughter was allergic to all powdered milk and just vomited it back up. There was no soya milk in those days so my health visitor told me to start her on baby rice in tiny amounts, she also had terrible nappy rash as unknown to us she was allergic to all the creams recommended by clinic. Being in terry nappies we were told that it was the washing powder/conditioner etc ...we tried every type. At 9 weeks and at our wits end a visiting doctor from Jamaica told me she was dehydrated and her urine was too acid and burning her, to put the end of a teaspoon into honey, make up a drink with boiled water, let it cool and then give it to her. I was concerned as she had 2 teeth, but she explained honey is a fructose not a glucose and wouldn't harm her teeth. Within 3 days her nappy rash was gone, I continued with the baby rice for 3 weeks and then gradually included rusk and mashed potato over the next few weeks until at 16 weeks she was having our meals puréed. Another side effect of the honey was the patches of eczema she had had on her cheeks also disappeared within days.   I also weaned my son at 3 months whilst breast feeding until 8 months despite having mastitus (fortunately only in one breast) as he was hungry, yet he has none of the problems my daughter has.

    She is 34 and still doesn't have any fillings, but has suffered with constipation all her life, which she puts down to my early feeding. So she has followed all research and advice on her children, breast fed until well past 12 months with both, her son is fine, yet her daughter has sever eczema and is allergic to all soaps/creams etc just as she was. She refused to give her daughter the honey in boiled water, despite knowing it had worked for her.

    I have allergies to penicillin/tetanus/cat/insect bites, my husband had acid skin, digestive problems and reacted to base metal, oddly enough so does my step-daughter, again although breast feeding and not weaning her children until they were well past 6 months both the girls have dairy intolerance/eczema/constipation metal/peanut allergies, her boy has none. I firmly believe the girls have inherited the allergies and know I did what was best at the time.

    I know what worked for me and being a child minder for over 20 years was able to give advice to young mums that brought their children to me, all of which I still have regular contact with. That's all you can do, offer advice, every child is different, but I find it appalling that you seem to be so harsh and denigrate other mums that are seeking reassurance on here. If you can't say anything nice or be supportive, maybe you should not comment, your way is NOT always the best, you are entitled to bring your child up how you want to, as are these other mums.

  • Hear hear image I blocked that pair anyway. I come online to chat and seek/give advice with/to like minded women. I don't have time for people like that and no desire to chat with them image x

  • I weaned my little one at 4 months because he had horrific acid reflux, which was so bad, I suffered from terrible PND. Weaning was absolute relief - for both of us. It stopped the agony he was suffering. And it helped stopped mine as well. As usual, it's whatever is right for your child - and as the mother of that child, only you will know. This is why it's called parenting. That's why I never judge what other people do - just wish others would do the same...

  • That's right chick every parent is different as is every baby. I have a feeling my 2nd won't be ready to wean as early and as such I won't push her. Noone has the right to judge anyone else, as long as u do what's right for u n baby that's all that counts x

  • My daughter is 5 months 2moro and I gave her baby rice for the 1st time today. She is now on 210mls bottles and she was telling me she was hungry after 2.5hrs after one of her bottles. I made the decision to give her baby rice even though I did want to wait til she was at least 5 1/2 months. She can pretty much sit up (for a couple of seconds) and she has always been very strong and been able to hold her head up since she was little.

    Now my question is, how many times a day do I give her the baby rice and for how long before I give her mashed up fruit and veg? Any advice would be greatly received

    Thank you
  • My dad had weetabix from a week old cos he was premature and that was on docs advise. He has no allergies and grew up healthy.

    When my oldest was a baby the advise was four months and no later than six as they run out of iron and less good at being weened. Advise changes all the time. My HV suggested giving my son baby rice at 11 weeks... yes 11 weeks old as he was born light and nearly trebled his birth weight and grown a cm a week for ten weeks. He was taking 8 8oz bottles a day and breast feeding inbetween. My milk used to choke him sometimes as it came out so fast and there was plenty. He woke up every hour and a half at night to be fed.

    My son needed it. Cos once I gave him rice morning and night he was finally content again. I doubt there was any harm done as he is a healthy 11 year old albeit underweight slightly... maybe that's why he needed fed? Cos he can eat like anything and still be skinny, the boys in my family are like that though until adulthood.

    Im not a fan of people weaning too early as I dnt belive all children are ready for it. My son was standing on my legs bearing his own weight and had good head control from birth and total head control within a few weeks. My daughter was weaning at 5 months and the advise was still between 4 and 6 months. X
  • I can't wait to start weaning my baby from 4 months she is now a week away. I'm 25 and my sister is 24 we was both started on solids at 4 months neither of us have any allergies or visited the doctors or hospital because of illnesses and we're both a size 10. So obviously it never effected us in anyway.
  • Good luck hun x
  • Oh my goodness what a judgemental thing to say Piglet76! My baby is under a Paediatric Specialist Gastro Consultant and I was advised to wean her from 16 weeks because she has severe reflux which is damaging her oesophagus and a cows milk protein allergy so she isn't gaining weight properly. I have not only gone completely dairy and soya free meaning I have a very restricted diet myself now just so I can continue to breast feed her but I also have to express all her milk to thicken her feeds to try to reduce her reflux meaning I have all the inconvenience of sterilising bottles and breast pumps and expressing in the middle of the night and having to be home every so many hours to express no matter what I'm doing. I certainly was not "just being selfish" when I started early weaning her I have done everything I possibly can to give my child the best. You do not know each persons individual circumstances and you should really think before making insensitive sweeping statements judging other mothers. We're all trying to do the best for our children I hate how mean women can be to other women when they're vulnerable and need support and reassurance!
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