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Chewing or should I say lack of?!

My LO in 11 months and a great eater, but she doesn't tend to chew her food much, if at all. When she has pasta, it is macaroni size, and it is like she inhales it! Doesn't seem to do her much harm, but there are very ocassional bouts of choking, which are caused by a big piece of food.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am guessing that she will grow out of it - she is fine with finger foods, and is capable of chewing on toast, breadsticks and the like.


  • I have no advice, but empathize as my LO has become a hamster, not only does she not chew, but she doesn't swallow either! She stuffs the food in until her checks are full, it's a new phase and she only does it with finger foods. If I spoon feed her that goes straight down and her mouth opens wide again for more, ha ha. 

    Hope it gets easier soon. X 


  • Hi krh! Don't worry you are not alone! most LOs will go through this! Especially if they are hungry or its a food they really like, they do seem to wolf it down without it touching the sides! Most LOs will really get the hang of it between 12 & 14 months.

    If you are worried though, you could try sitting with her to eat and show her how you are chewing your food, maybe describe it to her too. try discouraging her from stufffing her mouth when eating as this will create choking hazards, instead taking bits at a time, maybe give her a small portion to start, then more when she finishes. And obviously lots of praise when she does chew properly! image Hope this helps.

  • The only time we have ecperienced this is with teething, its like he doesnt want the food in his mouth so he will swallow it as quickly as he can. He ended up choking untill he vomited the other day image not very nice

  • Oh not nice jodie-lou image

    Thank you for all your messages. Flo is beginning to chew somethings.......... cereal she is pretty good with, but a good sized piece of lasagne and it goes straight down the hatch!

    Doesn't really seem to be causing many problems, so will just have to keep an eye on her!





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