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what to drink?

My lo is not a big fan of water but I offer it him every day, every few days he has baby juice or squash when we go to soft play once a week. Do any mums let your little ones drink anything else? Juice, squash ect... I would love to hear your thoughts?


  • Why not try adding a fruit piece to the water cup, raspberries, strawberries and lemon slices are all good. Or you could even just add a piece of fresh mint, rosemary or a cucumber slice, all will add just a subtle flavor without you having to worry about the added sugar in ‘baby’ fruit juices.  Also the pieces are interesting for the little ones to look at. 

  • I add lemon and lime but had not though of adding anything else, great idea thank you! Mint and cucumber sounds good image

  • just water and homemade  fruit juices and squash.

  • Jode-lou, You could also give lots of water based food such as cucumbers, courgettes, and fruits. That way even if he won't acually drink water he is still absorbing good amounts through his diet.

  • I wonder if thats the reason he will not drink much, he eats lots of cucumber and fruit. He has plenty of wet nappies so I dont think I should be worried

  • Wet nappies are the key, if your child is putting on weight, has regular wet nappies and isn't fractious, he is grand!! The human body is so clever; if he is dehydrated he will ask for drinks, he is old enough to understand the feeling of thirst! 

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