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EU ruling on Follow on Milk advertising

You might find the new EU ruling interesting if you have ever considered giving your baby Follow on Milk,


  • I gave my lo follow on milk just assuming it was the best thing for her, but found cows milk was just as good, loads easier and probably worked out cheaper too! I know not to use it this time round Now 

  • You can use just normal formula or breast milk, then cow's milk from 12 months old! x

  • They advertise it like it's the best thing for your little one, being a first time mum I guess you just go with it. Seems it's just a rip off x

  • Its all just a con because they are not able to advertise first milks. I was lucky there was a midwife at a baby yoga group I attended so she explained to us that follow on milk is not needed. So many first time mums must asume its the right thing to do as I would have done if I had not been told. I ended up continuing to breast feed and he is now old enough to go onto cows milk anyway

  • I'm hoping to breast feed this time (well going to try it anyway) but will b expressing and probably using the occasional bottle of formula too, as have to do the school run and don't want to get caught short. Also don't like the idea of breast feeding in public it scares me a bit lol. then ill just go on to cows milk when she's ready. I put my first on cows milk gradually at 9 months anyway, it's still her favourite thing to drink now.

  • That is interesting. I knew that they could not advertise it an alternative to breast milk. That's why all adverts always state breast is best. I am still breast feeding and he takes cows milk while at nursery and at home. 

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