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Hello. Please can you help us at BX HQ? How can we make the Chat forums better?

Hello everyone.

We're looking at lots of ways we could improve the BabyExpert Chat forums – and we'd really like your help!

Please do come and post here, and tell us what you like about BabyExpert Chat, and what you'd like to change, if you could.

It can be anything from the way Chat is organised to how easy (or hard!) you found it is to register, post for the first time, change your profile etc etc.

We'd love to hear your feedback, good and bad. It will help hugely as we try to make Chat a better and more user-friendly place for you all. Thanks!


  • I would love to be able to add photos using my mobile, but I have to be on my laptop which is not always possible. When I've got a spare 5 mins I can come on and add some bits etc, but logging onto my laptop takes longer.

    Also there is quite a lot of headings under the weaning sections making it hard to find things. Thanks
  • Hi DebTad. Thanks for your suggestion.

    And yes, adding photos using mobile is DEFINITELY on the top of our To Do list!

    Thanks for your feedback about the weaning sections, too: we'll take a good look and see what we can do to make it easier to find things.

  • Could you put the list of forums down the side of the page, rather than having to go back to the top click baby, then click weaning village and then click into the forum  group you were posting on. It would make the forum much more user friendly. I also agree with Debtab regarding uploading pics from your phone. Thank you

  • The photos on your mobile would be really great - It would be much easier for me if the mobile site was much more user friendly. 

  • Hi LucyBishop2. Thanks for posting.

    We're really hoping to be able to sort posting pics from your mobile very soon - I'm itching to be able to do it, too!

    And we're also working on lots of ways to make the forums more mobile friendly.

    If you have any specific suggestions, please do tell us - we'd love to hear from you!

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